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Learning about humanity from animation…

So I have a guilty pleasure, a tiny obsession, a blatant passion for Pixar movies.forthebirds

There I said it.

I know it’s not weird to love Pixar movies. Many people enjoy their story telling, the humor, their pure entertainment value, and most of all their endearing characters. But to love Pixar movies, animated movies that feature fictional, fantasy based characters (talking fish, monsters, cartoon people, cooking rats, robots in-love) because they teach us what it means to be human? Crazy talk…


But it’s true….

I’m thankful for Pixar because they truly know how to capture emotion, telling stories about life that we can relate to through stories that take place to these crazy characters. Follow me if you will…..

–    a father in search of son who wants to be free of being held down (Finding Nemo)

–    a greedy monster seeks to hurt and scare people instead of thinking about a creative, innovative way to       power his nation (Monsters Inc.),

–    a robot that is curious to think and act for himself, to serve others, and ultimately puts himself at risk for others he loves (Wall E.),

– a rat being true to his vocational calling to be a chef and helping others to be true to themselves (ratatouille),

– a story of love, saying goodbye well, and letting go (UP). pixar_up

It’s not a magic formula or anything. Just stories that talk about real life experiences, told through a fictional, magical perspective, and maybe that’s why we can make that connection with them. No one would believe that kind of magic actually exists in real life among humans today. But it does and as cliche as it sounds, maybe we just need to believe.

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