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Low Car Diet #4

Photo 158I can’t believe I’m in the last week of the Zipcar challenge already!  Looking back, I see several contributing factors to my ability to go car-free.  One: location, location, location!  Living just 1.3 miles from work with no hills in the way makes it easy to bike or walk.  Two: summer season!  Doing this in the summer helps because the weather is not an obstacle and I’m not quite as busy, so I can take my time getting from one place to another.  Three: incentives!   Having something to work toward and the extra benefits that Zipcar has provided makes the challenge worthwhile.  In summation, as with many challenges in life, the way to set yourself up for success is to: remove obstacles and add benefits.

1 thought on “Low Car Diet #4”

  1. I enjoyed reading your low car diet! I agree on the location and timing. I can walk to get many things in a pinch. The real issue with zipcar is it is in major cities (Seattle Portland). I would love a car free lifestyle but the reality is that I don’t live in a city and it could take me 2 hours to pick up a prescription on public transportation or 10 minutes on car. I was in heaven in London riding the tube and train! So much less stress.

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