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We are Jedd and Michelle, an active, responsible couple that has been married for 10+ years. We are returned Peace Corps volunteers, full-time digital nomads running an online consulting business and are currently based out of the Monmouth, Oregon area (but are available to travel for long-term housesits, including internationally).

For the last 12 years we’ve been taking care of houses and pets as a great way to support our minimalistic and explorative lifestyle. It also gives us a chance to spend time with animals. We both love animals.

We have years of experience caring for several dogs, cats, chickens (sometimes all three at the same time), yards and gardens (and by this we mean weeding and watering), and homes with great references from every experience. We’ve even cared for horses but that was a very, very unique circumstance.

Frank and Beanie
Frank and Beanie
Slip and Sphinxy
Slip and Sphinxy

Our Promise To You

We always strive to leave a home in the same condition we found it or better. Think of us as house-sitting ninjas. Clean, professional, and caring ninjas. You’ll never know we were there. In the same way we want your pets to feel that nothing much has changed without you. It’s important to us to honor and replicate the love and care you provide your pet the way you do.

What We Ask of All of our Pet and House Sits

Because we rely on the internet to earn a living, we do require a reliable internet connection that is strong enough to support Skype video chats. Otherwise, we are open to a wide variety of living situations, so please don’t hesitate to propose something!

Generally, our current rates are $30 – $80 per day for pet sitting (typically NO charge for just house-sitting)*. The actual rate will depend on how many animals need care, what type of care and time is needed for each animal, and length of stay (rates go down for longer periods). There have been times when we have not charged to care for a pet because they did not need much care. In other words, talk with us first and let’s figure out what is best.

Please note: If possible, we’d love the opportunity to meet you and your furry loved one(s) prior to the actual pet sit dates to learn about their routine and any house sit details you might have. We’ve found this to be great for both parties to see if it’s a good match.

* Typically we do not charge if you would like us to just house sit, unless you had specific tasks or projects you’d like us to tackle such as yard work, painting, etc…

our "tiniest" house-sit
our “tiniest” house-sit

Current Open Dates for House/Pet sitting 

We are available to house or pet sit anywhere in the world (no joke).

You can use the calendar below to see our current availability.

Let’s Start a Conversation 

Please contact us using the form below to get a conversation started. Contact info for our references can also be requested through this form:

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