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What if we told you that your life isn’t your own until you choose it to be.

That’s what we discovered.

Back in 2011 we were living what we thought was the American dream. We both had great jobs, lived in a city we loved (near friends and family), and we figured the next thing we were supposed to do in our young-married lives – was to buy a house. But then came these questions…

“Why are we living our lives this way?” 

“Is this the life that we want?” 

It wasn’t.

Something kept telling us that life could be different if we wanted it to be. That adventure with uncertainty seemed more attractive than the so called, conventional “right way” to live one’s life.

You’ve heard it before, something like, “Go to school. Get a job. Get married. Buy a house. Start a family. Work till you are able to retire. Retire and enjoy what time you have left until the end.” (feel free to rearrange the order).

We aren’t saying this is a bad life.* What we are saying is that it didn’t feel right for us. It wasn’t the lives we wanted. We wanted to write our own script, be our own authorities of our own lives.

*We were also starting to question the definition and validity of what a ‘successful’ life is. Can it and should it be defined by others?

We felt a longing for something different and more importantly, wanted our lives to accurately reflect who we are, what we believe in, and most importantly, what we value.

We realized that in order to create our own pathway and live out our dreams we would have to do two things:

  1. Simplify our lives and focus on the things that matter the most to us.
  2. Live with more intentionality and embrace being unconventional if need be.

So to make a long story short we:

Thanks to living “Simply Intentional“, we feel extremely blessed for our lives, the ones that we created for ourselves.

There is no ONE way to live intentionally. It looks different for everybody because each person’s values are different. That’s why we hope to use this blog to share our journey, other peoples’ stories, and to promote organizations, products, and ideas that encourage intentional living.

“Focus on what is most important to you, then make intentional life choices which will reflect these values.”

Team Chang

DSC03256Michelle is thoughtful, passionate, direct, a go-getter, follow througher (not a word, I know), event planner and coordinator, speaks French, Spanish (and wants to learn more languages), detail oriented, wonderfully witty, loves to communicate through her eyes, lover of people but not overly expressive, fond of learning, highly artistic and creative, loves all things simple and efficient, devoted to social justice and is a closet goof. She is a huge fan of The Voice, mysteries, sweets (especially chocolate), and loves baked goods. – J

Twitter: @Int_Travelers
Instagram: Intentional Travelers


Jedd is outgoing, fun, and funny.  He cares deeply about people, loves his family ad friends, and enjoys helping others find their life calling or “vocation.”  He is a big picture, big idea person, an energetic communicator, and has a true sense of appreciation for life. He loves to dance, sing, play guitar, surf, take photos, cook, and keep up-to-date on technology and outdoor gear. – M

Twitter: @JeddChang
Instagram: JeddChang



We love God. We love people. We try to follow Christ as best as possible and are growing everyday as individuals and as a couple. Currently we are travelers, house/pet sitters, adventurers, bloggers, and small business owners trying to live the best, unconventional life we can. We are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) having recently served in Jamaica (see our Peace Corps Info page for more on that). We love to laugh and be outdoors. We LOVE to eat (and cook), especially Pad See Ew and anything at Jade Bistro in Portland. We love to travel and discover new things about life and ourselves. We love to dialogue and learn from others. We enjoy lying out in the sun at parks, creating art (although we are not artists), U-picking berries, babysitting, being goofs, laughing at each other, hanging out with family and friends, taking pictures, smiling, running, reading inspiring books, singing and playing music, living simply, and trying our best to be authentic and real as much as possible. We LOVE to travel (we might have said that already). We try not to be too boring…

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