Colorado: Rocky Mountain Awesomeness

On our epic road trip for 2014, one of the most highly anticipated places for us to visit was Colorado.

When I was 16 I visited once and fell in love with the snow packed mountains. I think this was mainly because it was so different to what I grew up with in Hawaii. 15 years later and I was once again, captivated by the mountains, the lakes, the sun, and what seems like the healthiest bunch of people in the entire United States. I heard stories of 300+ days of sunshine and endless amounts of outdoor activities to choose from. Who knows, maybe we’ll end up in Colorado if/when we finally decide to settle down.

Here’s some highlights and great travel information from our visits to Fort Collins, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Denver.

Fort_Collins_Colorado_Travel Rocky_Mountain_National_Park_Travel Denver_Colorado_Travel

Announcement: Our New Business

Though we’ve actually been in business for several months now (some of you may or may not have known that) and have several clients, we wanted to officially introduce our new company:


special thank you to Becca at RSJ Creative for our awesome identity

A Conventional Solution for Unconventional Living

A lot of people have asked us how we afford to live unconventionally. “You have to make some sort of income, right?”  Yes. One of the things we discussed prior to returning from Peace Corps was the idea of starting our own company, one where our services could be done from a computer connected to the internet, to allow us the most flexibility and mobility.

What Kind of Company?

Consulting was the best word we could think of that could hold all the ideas we had of services we could provide. It allows us to do a wide variety of things, which is what we wanted. We don’t want to be known for one specific thing. We want people to hire us because of who we are, our skills and experiences, our values and passions. We are branding and marketing ourselves.  We both believe that this is not a long-term career company, but a conventional way (having a job, so to speak) for the time being to live unconventionally. Since we also know that being very vague is not the best way to market ourselves, we narrowed it down to:

Project Management

  • Brand & Identity Development
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Event Coordination

Michelle and I love being in charge of projects. We love to coordinate and implement programs. Projects can range from helping a small business owner get their business online to helping coordinate events and conventions. If there’s something we can’t do ourselves, we have a big network of talented folks who we can contract.

Social Media & Website Management
Because of our experience in blogging and managing websites, we were contacted by a few people to help them with their social media accounts and manage their online presence (websites).  We do everything from creating original content, uploading blog posts, engaging with an organization’s audience on facebook, etc.. We also have a lot of experience teaching people the basics of how to use online tools for themselves.

This is mutually beneficial for us and clients as we can do this kind of work anywhere we have internet.

There are tons of things we can also do that we didn’t list which is the beauty of why we started our own consulting company. The most important thing we want to get across, though, is that we want people to see that, as individuals and as a team, we can provide a lot. We have a range of professional and personal skills, and now, the time and flexibility to work on a wide range of projects.

We’d love if you would help us and connect us to people who might need our help. You might have a conversation with a family member, friend, or co-worker and be like, “I know a couple that could help you out.”

We want to be that couple.

Our Company Website

Side Note: Housesitting

We still have available housesitting dates for late October to Thanksgiving for 2014 and beginning of 2015 from January to May. If you or someone you know needs housesitters, let us know. Here’s the link:

Epic Road Trip 2014 Recap


Our Epic Road Trip of 2014 is over. For one month we traveled from Portland to Seattle; to Canada’s Vancouver B.C.; Kelowna B.C., Banff (in Alberta); back to the states to Glacier, Montana; Salt Lake City; Fort Collins; Boulder; Denver; Boise; and back to Portland. About 5,500 miles in all.

We participated in a World Domination Summit, helped friends with their backyard project, got to attend a wedding of two dear friends, went to another Continue reading

Thank You Mr. Williams

Robin-Williams copy

Dear Mr. Williams,

We’ve never met. I can’t say I really know you. I haven’t seen all of your movies. I’m surprised that I even remembered that you were from Canada. All I know is that when I learned of your passing a couple of days ago, it felt as if a part of me was broken off and torn from me. I went from denial, to shock, to sadness. I checked with Facebook and Twitter hoping the news was a hoax. It wasn’t. I didn’t realized I cared about you that much.

As the day went on, I read tribute after tribute from your friends and family. People who knew you much better than I did, people who loved you, who were inspired by you, who will miss you. I choked up. Tears ran down my face. I’ve never been emotionally saddened by the passing of a celebrity. I realized I was going to miss you.

What’s strange is that till a couple of days ago, I didn’t really think about you. I didn’t know what your schedule was, where you were at, what you are were doing at the time. But over these past couple of days, I can’t stop remembering you. Now that you are gone, I remember how much you mean to me.

Hook-robin-williams-26577002-1200-799The first movie I ever saw with you in it was “Hook”. You portrayed a man that cared more about his career than his family. A man who had forgotten what it was to dream and to imagine. A man who forgot to play. A man who needed to remember what was truly important. You were Pan the Man. Only your ability to be serious, fun, adventurous, and childlike fit that character.   Even though I was 8 at the time, you made me believe that life was and could be magical, that we had forgotten this. I believed.

genie-aladdinWhen I was 13, I auditioned for the school play. Of all the songs I could have picked, I thought of “Friend Like Me” from “Aladdin.” I did it because of you. I loved the personality you gave to the character of Genie. I tried my best to do all of the voices, the different intonations with my voice. You gave such life and joy to a lot of your characters and Genie seemed a great reflection of you. Fiercely loyal.  Incredibly humble and compassionate. A major goof. It also reminded me of the person I wanted to be.

mrsdoubtfireYou were such a genuine person that I would forget that you were acting. In “Mrs. Doubtfire” I was touched by the way you portrayed a father who would do anything to be with his children. I think of that often. The love that one must have to go to extreme measures to be with the ones they love. In my own life, will I have that same courage? Will I love so deeply?

robin-williams-7But it’s your role in “Good Will Hunting”, the lessons I learned from you in that movie, that changed how I see life today. I was that cocky brat like Matt Damon’s character. I’m not as brilliant, but I definitely thought I knew enough in life to think I had most of it figured out. Things like love. I was wrong. I remember you explaining that love was about the little things, the special moments you get to share with someone that nobody else knows, the good times and the bad. And then you said:

“You don’t know about real loss, ’cause that only occurs when you love something more than you love yourself. I doubt you’ve ever dared to love anybody that much.”

I was in a point in my life where this was true. I never dared to love anyone that much, not even myself.

You see Mr. Williams, though you played many roles, you might not have known how big of a role you played in my life or millions of others. Though I never knew you, it felt like you knew me. I could relate to you. You possessed that rare talent to make us laugh, make us cry, to comfort us, and to remind us of how special life is. That is why I feel like something was abruptly stopped, torn, and broken in my life. You are an important icon for our generation.

Though I can never imagine what you went through in your life, I can only hope that you knew how thankful people are for you, how much they loved you, how much they will miss you.

Thank you Mr. Williams for being a huge part of my life.

Rest in peace.

Dreaming Out Loud – I am Writing a Book


Dreaming Out Loud

Since attending the World Domination Summit 2014 last month (recap here), I’ve come to realize that being a dreamer, or an idealist, is not enough in the world if there is no action, no intentional effort to turn the things you want in life into a reality. One of my favorite speakers and stories from the

Jadah Sellner of Simple Green Smoothies

summit came from Jadah Sellner, an amazing entrepreneur and community leader who built a huge brand and community around healthy, green smoothies. I’ll share her amazing story later from WDS 2014 (when they publish her talk) but there were two main takeaways that I think about often:

1. “Dream Out Loud” – Talk to people about what your dreams and passions are. When you do, you actually learn if it’s possible or not. You take action to make it happen. You find others with similar interests. Things start to happen.

2. “Take Imperfect Action” – I like the way she phrased this. It literally means to start and don’t worry about having it all together. Our biggest hinderance in life is usually the fear that prevents us from doing anything. You can’t accomplish anything that you don’t start.

That being said, I thought I would dream out loud for today and share with you something I’ve been thinking about doing for a couple of years now: I want to write a book.

I want to write a book for Continue reading