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Habit-Less: Living with Intention

I took this phrase from a similar, but not exact quote that I saw on pinterest. It ties in with the quote I used in the first of this series, the Intentional Habits post. The image is of our friend, Thomas, on a ropes course at a staff team building retreat with us (about a week after Jedd and I first met). I just think this phrase makes a fantastic motto. It also sort of sums up why we are taking two years off to do Peace Corps, which we consider to be like a “Sabbatical”- a time to pause from life as we know it (our habits) and do something different that forces us to re-evaluate our values and how we live. Hopefully we’ll come back with life-long lessons, new ways of seeing the world, and resolve to help us live a fuller life- a life out of intention.

Speaking of living with intention, I’ve listed below some interesting posts from several bloggers I follow. Although I am highlighting only one post from each blog, much of what they write about resonates with our “simply intentional” theme in one way or another:

Living our values as parents (or by choosing not to be parents) at Imperfect Happiness

Mostly Vegetarian: Monthly freezer meal plan at A Frugal Simple Life

Good food is holy food at Faith in Food

Why I Am Fasting From Facebook at Daily Theology

Power Sabbath at Pioneer The Simple Life: One Family’s Journey Back to the Future


2 thoughts on “Habit-Less: Living with Intention”

  1. Thank you so much for the link love! I was wondering, have you read the book Living More With Less by Doris Janzen Longacre? I’m in the middle of it now and it’s really profound. Given the themes you’re exploring in your blog, I thought it might resonate with you, too.


    1. No problem. I have not read Living More With Less but will definitely add it to my wishlist! Thanks, M

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