I took this phrase from a similar, but not exact quote that I saw on pinterest. It ties in with the quote I used in the first of this series, the Intentional Habits post. The image is of our friend, Thomas, on a ropes course at a staff team building retreat with us (about a week after Jedd and I first met). I just think this phrase makes a fantastic motto. It also sort of sums up why we are taking two years off to do Peace Corps, which we consider to be like a “Sabbatical”- a time to pause from life as we know it (our habits) and do something different that forces us to re-evaluate our values and how we live. Hopefully we’ll come back with life-long lessons, new ways of seeing the world, and resolve to help us live a fuller life- a life out of intention.

Speaking of living with intention, I’ve listed below some interesting posts from several bloggers I follow. Although I am highlighting only one post from each blog, much of what they write about resonates with our “simply intentional” theme in one way or another:

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