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Day 2 – Simple Joy


Around 4:45am we (the guys, the girls couldn’t wake up till 7) awoke to a beautiful glowing orange light that shone through the sky and into the bedrooms. After coffee and a group stretch on the roof and a quick instant oatmeal breakfast, we joined the people of Terre Blanche to worship God at Church. Inside the tiny hall, we were welcomed (sat in the front) and looked out at the beautiful smiling faces listening to Pastor Delamy lead the service. Michelle and Justin sang a couple of worship songs and our team leader Linda, gave a wonderful sermon about thinking on what is good, holy, and pure and as an example, asked them to consider the story of William Willburforce (Wikipedia it if you don’t know who he is, or watch “Amazing Grace” the movie, one of our favs).  Linda also encouraged me to share something about my experience so far with the congregation (she introduced me saying that I was the one on the group that liked to talk)

After lunch we toured the surrounding area which included a visit to a neighbor’s newly built home, watching kids play in the river, a mango grove, and greetings from smiling children and residents (pictures to come later, sorry). All in all, life here is simple, but joyful and we have felt extremely welcomed. One thing of special note is how extraordinary the care is for our team. Every detail is thought of from making sure that we have TP at a rest stop, to cleaning every dish and place with extreme care. They always watch out for our safety and go out of their way to make sure that we are comfortable and cared for.

Tonight Justin performs for the people of Terre Blanche at an outdoor concert and tomorrow we will observe the medical clinic in action with Papa Joe and Dr. Janan.

More to come…. Nou dwe ale (we have to go),

J & M

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