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Case of the Mondays(or Tuesdays): Reflections on Work

Dream Job Its been awhile. Sorry. We really have meant to be better about posting (thanks for asking and checking) about what is going on, especially for those of you following. As the title indicates, two major things have happened recently for us. First, summer is officially over for us. Boo. Second, I (Jedd) have started a new job. 🙂 Commuting and working has given me some new thoughts that I wish to share but hope you share your thoughts too…

Jedd’s Reflections on Working:

1. It seems strange to me that many people’s dream job (including myself) is not to work. Let me re-phrase that. What I mean is that many of us (again, not everyone) works 40hrs (sometimes more) just so that one day, we don’t have to work. We work so we don’t have to work. I say cut out the middle man (if possible).

2. Time is money. Supposedly, the more time you spend working, the more money you make. However, I’ve come to value and love summers and free time so much that time seems to be more valuable than money for me. I’m trying to find that right balance where I’m getting paid a fair wage for the time I spend working but not work so much, not matter what the wage that I don’t get to enjoy life.

3. What is our purpose for working? I really had to think about this one. What is your purpose for working? Is it to make money, to afford a life style, to make a difference in the world, to do something with your time, etc…??? Purpose will usually dictate how we feel about our jobs. Without meaningful purpose, work can be, well…..work (reference Office Space for more examples of this).

4. We should as a country do one or all of the following things: invest in an hour each day for a siesta time, shorten the work week to Tuesdays-Fridays (everyone already hates Mondays so that will make people happy), or shorten the work day from 9am-4pm(with half-an-hour lunch).

5. The best type of work is engaging and refreshing. What I mean by this is that repetition in work may seem comfortable but always learning, always discovering is the best way to appreciate what one does versus dreading it.

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