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“The Challenge” Update: Review of Week 1


They say that after doing P90X for 90 days that you’ll be in shape to climb  Mt. Everest. Great. While I doubt that is true, it still sounds cool. That’s definitely not the goal though. Anyways, week 1 has come and gone, still feeling good, and still able to get up early to work out. Here’s some thoughts after the week:

1. It is kind of a luxury to “work out” –  To find the time to work out is difficult, especially if you are working a typical 8-5. You either have to work out before or after work and depending on your commute and other commitments, this can be tough.

2. Set realistic goals – For many of the work outs I can’t do each exercise. In fact I have to take many breaks while the people on the video plow through. I think the most important thing I learned from Michelle is to not give up and just jump back in when you can. I’ve often just given up but this week, knowing I have 83 more days to go, I just have to believe that you start slow and get better and better.

3. Results are slow and steady – I keep asking Michelle if she sees any noticeable results to which of course she just laughs. I’ve only done 7 days (not to mention haven’t changed too much of my eating habits). What do I expect to see??? I will tell you this though, I feel stronger, more flexible, and overall just better in general. I’m hurting on the days after but I just see that as a sign that I’m working decently hard enough.

4. Yoga, totally sucks and is super awesome all at the same time – I would like to apologize to all the people I made fun of for doing Yoga. It’s the hardest part of the program and probably one of the most beneficial. If you haven’t tried any type of Yoga, I strongly suggest it.

Well….7 days down, 83 days to go. Thanks for the encouragement and support, especially to those of you who understand that by 9pm these days I’m wiped and not going to be a good contributing member of society at that point. If you are following along with the P90x schedule, note that it’s the same as last week

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