As most of you know the Universal Health Care Bill recently passed sparking a lot of reaction and debate. For what it’s worth, I wanted to contribute my two cents about the issue but would love to hear your thoughts about it. I don’t necessarily know who is “right” in this situation but I do know that we will only grow from discussion. So as my friend Michele Leong wrote in her facebook post recently, “Bring It On”.

There is no such thing as a perfect bill nor a perfect politician. In some ways both parties are right and both parties are wrong. However, Universal Health Care IS and SHOULD BE a human right and whether or not people deserve it is not the question. We don’t ask firemen, police officers, or paramedics to only save or help only those who can afford it.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the bill nor do I like that it was passed without more discussion and essentially forced by one side of the issue. Additionally, I hate that people put issues into black and white, two party perspectives. Democrats and Republicans think they represent everyone but they don’t. We need more voices and more representation other than those of democrats and republicans in Washington.

Final thought. A lot of people like to bring up our founding fathers and talk about their conservative values and ideals, how we ought to remember their sacrifices. While many of the things they stood for were amazing, honorable, and led us to be a great nation, lets not forget many of them also believed in and owned slaves. Like are founding fathers, none of us are perfect and as times change, we learn from our mistakes and our victories but one thing remains the same. It seems that we are all working for respecting and valuing human life, equality, the idea that everyone deserves a chance of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. If we aren’t, shouldn’t we?