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The Wonderful World of Student Leadership

Another year has already come to an end in the world of the University where I work. Looking back, it was a year of excitement and blessings, and the opportunity to work with amazing student leaders was definitely a highlight. Seeing their passion and their growth over the year is what gives so much meaning to my work. These students are inspiring their peers, dedicating themselves to service in the community, coordinating meaningful events, digging deeper into the issues of our world, and bringing life into our office every day. It’s been a real privilege to take part in their journey.

This month I also have the privilege to travel with another amazing group of students. We’re heading off to Nicaragua May 7th to the 25th and exploring the effects of U.S. policy, visiting fair trade coffee farms, learning from local leaders, touring orphanages and social service agencies, living with families, and working alongside a community to build a school. We’ll be working with two excellent organizations: Witness for Peace and Seeds of Learning. After seven months of weekly meetings and hours upon hours of fundraising, we’re all anxious to finally be there. It’s going to be an incredible experience for all 21 of us, and one that I am so grateful to be a part of. We won’t have a whole lot of internet access but you can check in on us through the Nicaragua Immersion blog.

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