Well….the Epic Road Trip will officially end in exactly a week and it’s been….epic (we will recap later). In the mean time, we now face the reality that living from a suitcase is not just for travel and vacation, but an actuality (and we are actually ok with that).

Michelle and I have chosen to embrace this time of freedom and flexibility (from now, till early spring of next year while we wait for a new Peace Corps placement). In the mean time though, we do have to consider what our next steps will be.

1. I (Jedd) will continue to work at Relevant Studios and also work on building up volunteer hours to become certified to do ESL teaching for the Peace Corps (to catch up to Michelle’s awesome skill set).

2. Michelle will try and find an internship or p/t work with a non-profit along with continuing do research on potentially cool opportunities that take part of (domestically and internationally).

Here’s where you come in and can potentially help us.

As I mentioned, our most pressing and tentative issue is housing. We don’t want to commit to an apartment (because of a lease) but don’t have anything technically set.  So….here’s our thoughts: We would like to find temporary housing situations that are mutually beneficial.

*We are available from July 5th – Spring 2012*

– We can house sit (Pets or no pets) for any period of time. Portland/Vancouver area preferred, but open to any house-sitting options. We can be mobile from time to time, but need to make Portland area our home base.

– We would love to share housing (in exchange for housework projects, farm work (we would love to live on a Farm), cooking, child care, etc…)

– Get paid to drive someone’s RV around the country (just kidding, but also serious).

We need your help because you know us and you might know someone who could help us (or yourself). Please feel free to send them our email and the link to this blog (if you don’t have it, comment below and we’ll get it to you).  Thanks to many of you who have already tried to help connect us with potential opportunities and as always, for the support and love you have given us during this “adventurous” time in our lives.