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A 90th Birthday and Family Reunion

We’ve had the unique opportunity in this season to do some extra travelling. We were so lucky to be available to attend my (Michelle’s) grand-mère’s 90th birthday in New Orleans last weekend. It was a whirlwind weekend in more ways than one! Tropical Storm Lee hit right after we arrived, and we stayed only about 48 hours in order to get to our next destination. My grand-mère is a great inspiration to me, and it was neat to see the impact she’s had on the people around her. Plus we got to see all my aunts and uncles again!

From New Orleans we hopped over to Florida where we are spending about two weeks helping Jedd’s “great” aunt, Aunty Alma, pack and clean up for her move across the country. It has been such a privilege to not only meet Aunty Alma for the first time (for me), but to spend time with her (and her friends and neighbors). I feel lucky to get this rare glimpse into a retirement community. We have met fascinating and delightful people who come here from many different places, and they all are a great support for each other. Over all, this trip has been a great experience for us!


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