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Ten States in Two Months

In the last two months:


» We traveled to New Orleans to celebrate Michelle’s Grandma’s 90th Birthday!

» Traveled to Tampa, Florida to help my Great Aunt prepare for her move
» Began work travel (for PSU Admissions) to Austin, Texas and saw friends Melissa and Dainon

Lessons Learned:

» Live life to the fullest. Exercise a lot. Enjoy and celebrate your family. There’s a lot you can do in your later years of life.
» Love is tough (but worth it). My great Aunt recently lost her husband and it has broken my heart, made me realize how thankful I am for Michelle but how tough it will be when the chapter of sharing life together will end.
» The United States is an amazingly big and diverse place. Texas is big. Texas is…..interesting (let’s leave it at that).
» Thankful for friends who even though I haven’t seen in a decade, are the same amazing friends I’ve always known.


» Finished work travel to TX by visiting Houston (Michelle was able to join me for this part)
» Traveled to Chicago to visit Michelle’s brother and sister in-law (Michelle’s parents visited as well)
» During our trip to Chicago, we visited Indiana (and Notre Dame), Michigan (specifically a town called Holland), and Wisconsin (Lake Geneva) to knock off a couple more states in our goal to see all 50 states together.

» Traveled back to Alaska for work
» Headed home to Hawaii to visit Family

Lessons Learned:

» The Hunger Games Series are really good (Michelle and I read all three books in a couple of days).
» Austin,TX > Houston, TX.
» Chicago, IL > Austin, TX (except in the winter). Therefore,  Chicago > Houston.
» Notre Dame is nice, Holland Michigan is surprisingly nice, and Lake Geneva is expectedly nice (supposedly a “rich, 1% area”)
» Alaska is still wild and beautiful.  *Special Note – If given the option to fly in a little plane or drive, I would suggest the drive. The little plane was quite shaky.
» 4 plane rides within a 24 hour period is no fun, however, flying in an airplane still AMAZES me.

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