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PCJ By The Numbers

Our Peace Corps Jamaica Experience: “By the Numbers”

Poster series made for our bare living room wall

4.09– number of years we’ve been married

1– the average number of cockroaches we find in the apartment on a daily basis (and we’re very grateful that we usually find them on their backs)

10– the largest number of baby chicks hatched by one of the chickens on our property

8– the number of miles from our house to Jedd’s work

270– the number of students registered at Michelle’s school (though not nearly the number who have been attending)

30– the approximate percentage of students at the school reading significantly below their grade level

82 cents- the cost in US$ of bus fare from our house to the nearest town/city (Sav-la-Mar)

2007– the date of the last category 4 hurricane in our area (Hurricane Dean). It was 50 miles off the coast and caused minimal damage.

79– the average temperature here, in Fahrenheit (but lately it’s been more like 90)

8– the number of Peace Corps volunteers currently serving in our same parish

4.5– the average number of vendors we buy from during a weekly trip to the farmer’s market

4.90– price for a gallon of gas here (after conversions)

51.72– minimum wage in US dollars, per week (may not apply to free trade zone factory wages)

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