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A New Year Post

Although we’ve both experienced Christmas away from home before, this was our first in Jamaica. Downtown is the place to be on Christmas Eve, where shops are open until the wee hours of the morning and the main street is packed with families, teens dressed to the nines, and last-minute shoppers.

Christmas Eve at the downtown Sav-la-Mar night market
Christmas Eve at the downtown Sav-la-Mar night market

Christmas morning we went to a sunrise church service then spent some time with our host family singing carols. I introduced them to my own family’s Christmas morning tradition of home-made cinnamon rolls, which I think went over pretty well. Since it was also Grandma’s 89th birthday, they hosted extended family and friends for a dinner party in the yard, as well as a Boxing Day party the very next afternoon. We also enjoyed Boxing Day dinner at Jedd’s supervisor’s home.

The completed nativity scene (I ran out of glue for the three kings so they'll come next year)
The completed nativity scene (I ran out of glue for the three kings so they’ll come next year)

So we kept busy and enjoyed our Christmas, despite being far from home. And we had my parents’ visit to look forward to over New Years, which turned out to be all that we could have hoped for. We plan to share a few of their observations about Jamaica in our next post. Until then…

4 thoughts on “A New Year Post”

  1. Hey Jedd and Michelle!
    It is such a joy reading all about the marvelous time you are having in Jamaica. That is a country that I used to be well familiar with as an auntie of mine practice medicine there in May Pen (sp?) for many years. In fact she is buried there. It is nice to again follow the life and experiences of that country with loved ones. Thank you, for the marvelous job that you are both doing. I know it must have been wonderful having Michelle’s parents for a visit. I sure hope that Blanche and Wendell can also come. I am sure that you are noticing how much all Island people are alike – especially you Jedd, so the pijin (patua) must be fun to speak! Also the “happy go lucky” spirit of the Island mindset that often prevails! Yes, I am sure Jamaica does remind one of Hawaii, minus the poverty. So have a good time mon – both of you! I look forward to more and more wonderful adventures. And especially thank you for your good representation of the USA and of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Blessings!

    Comfort and Joy,
    Auntie Cookey
    Eph 3:20

    1. Thank you, Auntie Cookey, for your encouraging words. We truly appreciate you! You are definitely right about similarities between pidgin and patois, and Jedd loves to chat patois here.

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