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Jake’s Off-Road Triathlon

This past weekend we both participated in a Peace Corps Jamaica tradition: Jake’s Triathlon (http://www.jakesoffroadtri.com/). This was an event originally started by a Peace Corps Volunteer, which brings together both local and international competitors to help fund community projects in the area. Off the beaten path itself, Treasure Beach, the location of the race, provides a unique and laid-back setting for this off-road tri. We met some great people and were inspired by the defending champions (Jamaicans) who kicked some butt.

For volunteers like us, training in a hot climate with limited access to bicycles and places to run or swim, we tend to opt for the more manageable relay format. We each took the running portion (7k) on our respective teams, a Peace Corps all-men and a Peace Corps all-women team. Believe it or not, though we ran completely separately and at varying paces, the two of us ended up with the exact same run time- down to the second! It’s a metaphor for our lives: we do things so differently but at the core, we are on the same page. All in all, it was a great event and a happy chance to reconnect with many of our friends.

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