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Summer Youth Camp

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One of the first things Jedd participated in as a Peace Corps Volunteer was a summer kids camp at the brand new community center put together by a group of sweet, hard-working, elderly Jamaican ladies. With that under his belt, he crafted a new summer camp especially for teens, combining inspirational videos, computer and dance lessons, life skills activities, and motivational speakers. A year later, he has coordinated the “second annual” of both camps while training a core group of young leaders who can hopefully carry on the tradition.

For the teen camp happening this week, we were lucky to recruit the help of a Response Volunteer named Doug. Response Volunteers have already served their 27-month term with Peace Corps and then choose to apply for a Response position, which is usually in a new country and usually for a shorter time commitment. Doug’s assignment in Jamaica is with a local football (soccer) club. At camp, he is doing HIV/AIDS education sessions using a program designed by Grassroots Soccer which uses interactive, soccer-related activities to break down myths and teach healthy life practices. While AIDS is not the epidemic here that you will find in places like South Africa, Peace Corps is making an effort for prevention before it’s too late.

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