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20 Months in 20 Photos

Yesterday was a special day for Michelle and I and the rest of the volunteers we arrived with on island, as we celebrated our 20 month of being Peace Corps volunteers. Below are 20 of my favorite photos from the last 20 months which, of course, doesn’t do any justice to the experience, but I hope you like them. (Also, you’ll notice that some of the captions have links back to related posts, in case you want to see more.)

Our group’s first photo when we landed
photo 3(1)
Famous Hellshire Beach

Apparently you can grow lots of facial hair over time...
My first attempt to grow facial hair

youth volunteers staring at the random deluge
It rains a lot here
At school: two of Michelle’s helpful students
A local store and all of the colorful clothing
At the market with our friend Miss Rose
Teaching life skills for boys at Michelle’s school
Michelle’s parents visiting us
We are trying to learn to relax like our host family's cat.
We are trying to learn to relax like our host family’s cat.
Michelle's Students
Michelle’s Students
Our Church Sister
Our Church Sister/Grandma
We figured out a way to double-decker our laundry when we have to hang it inside
We figured out a way to double-decker our laundry when we have to hang it inside due to weather
Jamaica is full of color
Roasting breadfruit the traditional way
Our host family’s dogs have been here almost as long as we have
Michelle’s brother came to visit us and we helped out a thrift sale
Our friend Stephanie came to visit
My little avocado nursery
Us at a Jamaican wedding

5 thoughts on “20 Months in 20 Photos”

    1. Yep. The days may pass slowly but the months go fast. Thanks for following us for so long, Jeff! Can’t wait to see your little guys when we get back.

  1. Hi, my name is Betsy. My husband and I are headed to Jamaica this March for the PC. Your blog has been so helpful. I’d love to ask you a few questions that have been floating around in my mind. I am including my email below. If you time to shoot me a one liner with your contact information, I’ll email you guys. Thanks!

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