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Some Blog Updates

Photos from this past week with our visitors. Photo credit: Jedd and Aunt Susan

It means a lot to know that someone is reading our blog. I was just looking back over our list of blog subscribers, and some of you – like Mike A., Paula, and Jeff D. – have been following us for over three years now! We really appreciate you sticking with us.

Many of you have also been active in commenting and providing us feedback on the blog at some point or another – especially Chau, Adrienne, Jeff, Aunty Ellen, Mom, Karen, Sara, and more – which is really encouraging. We like to know that people are engaged with what we’re sharing. Feedback about what interests you also helps us decide what to write about in the future.

If you read our blog and have yet to comment, we’d love to hear from you. Remember, if you don’t want your blog comments to be searchable in Google, you don’t have to publish your full name when you make a comment- you can use a nickname-  and your e-mail address will not be published publicly. We also have a new page on our blog, “Contact Us,” which will allow you to send us a private message.

Speaking of new things on our blog, here are some quick updates:

1.  New “Contact Us” page – Look for the tab under our heading picture.

2. Updated About section – See “Who Are J&M?” tab under our heading picture.

3. Amazon Affiliates – We’re trying out this program on a small scale by updating any book links we already had on the blog. When you click on Michelle’s book list or any book we talk about in our posts, it will track that you got to Amazon from our site and will give us a small commission on anything you put in your shopping cart at that time. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.

4. Coming in 2015 – We’re planning a blog revamp to take our blog to the next level as we transition out of Peace Corps and onto our next adventures. We want to continue sharing our journey to live simply and intentionally as well as to share ideas from other people and organizations who are doing the same. We hope you’ll continue the journey with us.

Change is on the horizon for us and also our blog. More updates soon come.
Change is on the horizon for us and also our blog. More updates soon come.

Thanks again for following, subscribing, or just stopping by on occasion!

Michelle and Jedd

2 thoughts on “Some Blog Updates”

  1. So, the depth perception on the fish photo is such that I thought those fish were in a kiddie pool and the size of a dog. 🙂 I even showed it to a few other folks who thought the same thing 🙂

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