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A Year In Review

Annual Review
This year, we’re trying out the Annual Review exercise shared by blogger Chris Guillebeau on the Art of Non-Conformity site. The basic idea is to set aside time to consider:

  • What went well this year?
  • What didn’t go well this year?
  • Next, you set specific goals for categories of your choice (Friends & Family, Service, Travel, Spiritual, Health, Learning, Financial Earning, Financial Giving, Financial Saving, etc.) including 3-5 measurable objectives for each one.
  • In the end, you come up with a summary and “theme” for your upcoming year.

Because the coming year brings a close to our chapter with Peace Corps and starts a whole slew of new things, I’ve been really looking forward to this exercise. I think Jedd and I both truly enjoy dreaming about possibilities. And because we’re not going home during our Peace Corps service, we decided to treat ourselves to a Christmas “staycation” here in Jamaica so we can rest, relax, and reflect. 

Another Year in Jamaica
In the spirit of looking back at 2013, here are ten of our most memorable moments and favorite blog posts:

Do It Yourself: Peace Corps DIY Ingenuity – It was really fun to see all the ingenious creations volunteers around the island have put togetherTP crafts

20 Months in 20 Photos– Celebrating 20 months in Jamaica with photos from our journey

The Big Fat Jamaican Downtonish Wedding– We’ll never forget celebrating our host sister’s marriage in the backyard

“These Children Will Never Forget You”– The inspiring story by a PC staff member whose life was changed by Volunteers
Ladies in the education sector, April 2012 (Sue is behind me in blue)

Jamaican Style: Fashion With Flare– A glimpse at the colorful world of Jamaican fashion

For the Smiles: Summer Camps 2013 Video– Jedd’s youth camps at the community center

3rd Goal: More Than Just A Blog– A free trip to Peace Corps’s headquarters in DC for the Blog It Home contest
Blog It Home 2013 winners at Peace Corps headquarters with acting PC Director and Third Goal staff. Photo courtesy of OTG.

Jamaica Taught Us– A fun video about Jamaican craziness from the Volunteers in our group

Jake’s Off-road Triathlon– A video of this unique and awesome, off-the-beaten path triathlon in southern JamaicaIMG_3869

Patwa Quiz– A co-worker’s daughter demonstrates common phrases used by Jamaican school children

Looking back even further, this is what our lives looked like the past few years:

Looking Forward
We’ve been working on our Annual Review as we enter the new year, so we’ll be sharing some of those thoughts and plans soon. Until then,

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