In March 2012, we landed in Kingston together. Now, almost two years later, we celebrate and reminisce on our time of service in Jamaica and prepare ourselves for the final chapter of PCV life. This week, group 83- our cohort of Peace Corps Volunteers on island- met up in Portland parish for our Close of Service conference. In less than four months, most of us will be heading home.

This video that a fellow volunteer, Marie, and I made is a recap of our group’s experiences, which we shared at our conference. Though full of meaning and memories for us PCVs in group 83, I don’t know many outsiders will want to watch all 11 minutes. But I thought some might be curious. And I think the video does a good job of representing what service looks like in this country without spending too much time on any one thing.

Close of Service conference
Close of Service conference
Where we're all going when we finish PC
Where we’re all going when we finish PC