Featured Image -- 4397It’s our six year anniversary! Michelle wrote on our travel blog about how being Intentional has influenced our marriage and set us on a course for travel…

Intentional Travelers

The word “Intentional” has been a part of our lives for some time now. Today, we celebrate our six year anniversary, and this particular word has truly shaped our marriage. To us, it means being conscientious and deliberately choosing the way you live your life.

So often we make life choices based on what’s “normal,” what we feel is expected of us, what we see others do, or what we’re in the habit of doing. We usually don’t think twice about these choices because we’re not in tune with the fact that another way is possible, perhaps even better.

The problem with doing things the normal, conventional, expected way is that it’s not always what’s best for you.


The American Dream has become: work so that you can buy lots of stuff and eventually retire in self-indulgence. We think we’re pursuing happiness yet what we’re actually doing is…

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