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Paris in Pictures: Part 2

Last week, Michelle and I got to spend a week in Paris with her family. We visited a lot of great historical sites, museums, and places I think the film “Amelie” was filmed at. There are so many reasons why Paris has become one of my favorite cities in the world. Here are a few:

  • Amazing metro system: buses, trains, and subway systems that are efficient and everywhere.
  • Incredible diversity: Though not all areas of Paris are diverse, it seemed as if it was truly, an international community.
  • Beautiful historical buildings, museums, art: The details in the city are incredible. Everywhere you look you can’t help but wonder how they built/designed everything.
  • Awesome parks: We judge a city based on it’s public parks. Paris has some great ones.
  • Great food: A lot of things taste better in Paris. I think it did.

We had an incredible time in France. Though the issue with our bags was stressful, it didn’t stop us from having an overall, great experience (we ended up getting them on Day 9). Here are some of our posts from our time in France:

Finally, here are some of my favorite pics from our second week in Paris.

Arc de Triomphe – probably my favorite monument. The details were incredible.
Centre Pomp Idou – this square contrasts a century old Church with items from the Museum of Contemporary art. To me this is the perfect embodiment of Paris. The old and the modern coexisting together.
One of a couple HUGE department stores with these incredible and ridiculous decorations. It’s a little too much for me, but you can’t help admire the amount of time and energy spent on the details.
This is a restaurant at another department stores. Notice the different levels of detail. Crazy. Awesome.
A street market underneath one of the metro stations. This was an amazing international scene.
I wish I could have taken pictures inside the Sacré-Cœur. You’ll just have to go to Paris and see it for yourself. It’s beyond impressive.
A view from a scene in Amelie where her love interest has to look down from this park.
A beautiful park in Montmartre – a famous neighborhood in north Paris, known as a place where many famous artists used to live.
Mother Nature – the original street artist. Just a silhouette of a street light on a home that reminded me of a Banksy work of art.
Another great example of contemporary vs historical. Street art in Montmartre.
Crepes are better in France and you can only get butter and sugar crepes in France. Michelle is very happy that she got her beloved crepe.
Another talented street artist.
That national opera house. Again, another building with incredible details.

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