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Greetings from Japan! For those of you who have been subscribed to our personal blog for a long time, you might have noticed that we have not been posting consistently as we used to.

The reason for that is we have shifted our focus over to our travel blog, in effort to start growing an online business that helps people pursue transformational travel.

We will still be keeping this Simply Intentional blog (a.k.a. jeddandmichelle.com). We’ll be using it to share any thoughts and reflections that don’t fit with the “intentional living” and “transformational travel” theme of our other site, Intentional Travelers. But again, these posts will be fewer and far between.

If you want to stay connected, we suggest signing up for our Intentional Travelers e-communications:

1. Subscribe to our e-newsletter. This has a focus on useful transformational travel resources, but we also include a monthly personal update from the road.

2. Subscribe to our blog digest. We have an option to get a list of our latest travel blog posts in your inbox every week or every month.

Both of these subscriptions can be accessed from our sign-up page, and you can adjust your e-mail preferences at any time.

Click to sign up for our e-newsletter or blog digests
Click to sign up for our e-newsletter or blog digests

Here are some of our most recent posts from Southeast Asia:


How to Cross the Street in Hanoi


Budget Travel in Mai Châu, Vietnam


Staying Fit in Hanoi, Vietnam


Candid Travel Photography

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