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Michelle’s 35 Things Update

It’s been an eventful year so far – we both turned 35 and celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with an extra dose of travel. With roughly 2 months left in my 35th year, I wanted to take another look at my “35 things to do in my 35th year” bucket list.

I was able to complete most of the things on my list without a problem. But I found that there were a couple things I resisted. One thing I’ve recently learned about myself, thanks to Gretchen Rubin’s 4 Tendencies, is that I am a Questioner. That means I only meet expectations that I have rationalized to myself are important. So I expect that the reason I resisted the 35 thank you letters task is because 1) I’ve never really appreciated the tradition of thank you cards in the first place, and 2) it was a popular birthday activity for others that I felt like I should do even though I wasn’t excited about it, and 3) it was overwhelming to choose 35 people and write 35 letters.

So I may end up replacing that one if I can’t find a way to align it better to my own style and personality. There are a few others I might need to adjust as well. Here is my current progress:

  1. Complete 30 days of daily sun salutations
  2. Visit Italy with Jedd 
  3. Finish the #1 Ladies Detective Agency series (almost done, waiting on the library)
  4. Create a list of 35 of my favorite quotes (almost complete )
  5. Complete a daily hand-lettering challenge, writing some of my quotes 
  6. Visit Spain for the first time 
  7. Hand-write 35 thank you letters – need to adjust?
  8. Visit Portugal for the first time 
  9. Contribute the full amount to our Roth IRAs by the end of the year – TBD
  10. Celebrate each day of Advent 
  11. Memorize the countries and capitals of Africa 
  12. Learn a choreographed dance – may change this to learning a new song on piano?
  13. Visit Malaysia for the first time 
  14. Send postcards each quarter to The Aunties 
  15. Do a zipline for the first time – updated: Float down a river in an inner tube 
  16. Take a personal retreat (full day or overnight)
  17. Return to Hoi An, Vietnam for at least a month 
  18. Learn to say “hello” in 35 languages (almost done)
  19. Double my collection of gospel music 
  20. Travel to a new continent (New Zealand/Australia!) 
  21. Host a reunion for our 10th anniversary 
  22. Wear my wedding dress again and then donate it (worn yet to be donated)
  23. Make croissants from scratch 
  24. Find my favorite tea to drink on a daily basis 
  25. Sleep under the stars
  26. See a chiropractor for the first time (Malaysia or Thailand) – need to replace
  27. Get a skin cancer screening (Malaysia) 
  28. Schedule a dental cleaning (Malaysia) 
  29. Take a monthly “screen sabbath” 
  30. Create a video recap of our year of travel – coming soon
  31. Continue blogging at least once a week 
  32. Read 35+ books (on book 29 so far)
  33. Try at least 10 completely new dishes (only 6 so far)
  34. Keep a capsule wardrobe 
  35. Save money for a real estate investment – need to make this a more concrete goal

So that’s my quick update on the birthday list. Hopefully I’ll be able to work out the remaining goals before the end of September!

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