The other day, a family member back home asked me if there were any flowers blooming in our yard here in Jamaica. It’s something hard to fathom, coming from the Pacific Northwest where everything is dead and gray right now, but the flowers here are always blooming. That’s one thing I love about the tropics. It never gets dreary. Here’s a glimpse of what’s growing in our yard:

jamaica flowers

bath tub garden

jamaica yardscapeYou can see that two trees have lost their leaves (above) but everything else is going strong. The concept of “fall” is not well understood among the students I’m working with. When we read a storybook about a caterpillar and I asked them why the leaves in one picture were almost all gone in the next picture, a majority did not realize it was due to changing seasons. Instead, they said the caterpillar ate all the leaves, or the tree got sick and died, etc.

Here are some other colors and textures from the yard:
jamaica color texture

banana leaves-M