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Sustaining Gardens

ACE Staff chat with a homeowner about their planter box

Yesterday I  was not at the community center teaching basic computer classes to senior citizens. I went on an adventure.

Far across the island from our normal location, I spent the day with the ACE (American Caribbean Exchange) team doing 21 house visits in 2 different communities, visiting families that they support. ACE is a non-profit organization that has been doing sustainable community development work in Jamaica for over 25 years. You can learn more about who ACE is and what they do at their website: American Caribbean Exchange

We connected with ACE during our first year of service and were drawn to their mission. Since then we’ve been visiting the organization (located in Galina, St. Mary) here and there during breaks from our regular assignments to assist in what ways we can Continue reading “Sustaining Gardens”

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Galina Breeze

A former volunteer recently shared with me an interesting reflection about our time in Jamaica. They said that day-to-day life here is not really hard, but it’s wearing. Volunteers will need to find an outside source of rejuvenation because our daily work and community life will, more often than not, be draining. I didn’t want it to be true, but in many ways, it’s a pretty accurate statement. Fortunately, we are in a country that offers us numerous ways to re-energize and keep our lives in balance, from exercising outdoors to finding familiar foods in the bigger towns, from decent access to the internet to spending a nice day on a beautiful beach. Just last week, we had a special opportunity to find respite and rejuvenation just when we needed it most

IMG_3323We were delighted to take up an offer to stay at the Galina Breeze Hotel on the north coast of St. Mary parish for a long weekend. We had heard good things from a former PCV and had stayed once before when my parents visited, which is when we were invited back to learn more about their non-profit/mission work in the surrounding community. The hotel is connected to an organization called ACE (American-Caribbean Experience). They’ve been in Jamaica for 25 years and focus on the parish of St. Mary with projects including education, agriculture, child sponsorship, micro-enterprise, and more. Continue reading “Galina Breeze”