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Bryce and Zion

(Added late:) Bryce and Zion were certainly two of the most spectacular parks we’ve seen- so unique and intriguing. We loved our hikes on the Navajo/Queen’s Trail (Bryce) and Angel’s Landing (Zion).

Our next stop was the Grand Canyon, followed by Las Vegas of all places, and then Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks. Although Las Vegas was nowhere to be found on our list of places to see, we stayed there a weekend because it was on the way and my parents and brother were able to come meet us there to see some fantastic Cirque du Soleil shows. Though definitely not a National Park, Vegas is a spectacle all it’s own and will likely warrant another video post. (By the way, I probably won’t be able to finish any more videos until we’re in “civilization” again- another week or more. Stay tuned!)

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