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Intentional Change

we must be the change we wish to see in the world, gandhi

This image was actually a design I used in my job last year when we made student service day t-shirts. When I had my “farewell party” of sorts, my former staff and students all wore the shirts and covered up a key letter with tape to make it say “be the Chang,” which was very endearing. Anyway…

This is another quote for my Quotes & Images series that means a lot to me. It emphasizes how we cannot be just hopers, wishers, and dreamers, but we must also act. And it’s not about getting other people to change, it’s about starting with ourselves; demonstrating what’s possible in hopes that others will catch on. Because if we are not willing to make the sacrifices for a better tomorrow ourselves, how can we ask someone else to do it? Continue reading “Intentional Change”