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Haiti Snapshots

The following pictures were taken mostly by Jedd but hand-picked by me (Michelle) as a snapshot of our trip to Haiti.  I think we all agree that we wish we could have stayed longer, but we made good use of our time in the few days we had.  When we weren’t touring the surrounding villages, observing how water filters are made, guest-teaching in English class, interviewing ladies in the microloan program, or witnessing the other ministries at Terre Blanche, we spent our spare time helping out in the clinic.  During the trip, I was especially impressed by the Haitian community leaders who truly embody servant-leadership.  Pastor Delamy and his family (Elvie, Cassandre, Delwin, and Danika) are an indescribable blessing to everyone they meet, giving their lives to the people of Haiti and going the extra mile to take care of us Americans.  Delamy was a rich source of information, initiative, ideas, and inspiration.  With a heart as big as the country itself, he seemed to never stop caring for and motivating his people.  I was also very impressed by the Foundation’s submission to Delamy’s leadership.  Whenever there was a decision to be made, it was not in the hands of the Americans but the Haitians.  While we had brought expertise in fields like medicine and business, we weren’t there necessarily to solve problems ourselves but to support the nationals who are already taking that leadership.  mfavs2
The beautiful people of Haiti.
Our team: Yvonne, Justin, Dr. Janan, Dr. Joe, Linda, Larry, Dave, Ron, Tom, Jedd and me.
A glimpse of Haiti from the road, the plane, and the places we stayed.