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Where to Find Sweet Jobs After Peace Corps

Sweet RPCV jobs | Simply Intentional

UPDATE: A new, revised and more complete list is now available on our travel site! FIND IT HERE

Even though Jedd and I are not planning to return to the typical world of work until 2015 (and even then, we hope to be doing something more adventurous like teaching English in Japan, staffing the Semester At Sea ship, or starting our own online company), I’ve collected a valuable set of resources for job seekers nonetheless.

I know many current Volunteers as well as RPCVs (Returned Volunteers) are anxious about finding a job. Even more so, Peace Corps Volunteers tend to want work that is meaningful and a good use of their skills. Whether it’s in government, a non-profit, or a random gig on the other side of the world, these are the best sites I know of to get your job search started.

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* Michelle Thoughts

Big Ideas

Big ideas. As many of you know, Jedd and I are full of them. Within 15 minutes of first meeting each other back in July 2007, our conversation quickly turned, revealing how we were each entrepeneurs at heart and felt called to non-profit work. Most recently, we dreamed up our own TV show/documentary where we would travel the country in a veggie-oil RV on a quest to find creative ways that people are practicing “voluntary simplicity” (from community living to urban farming to self-sustaining homes and more). Apart from all the cool people and places we would encounter, can you imagine the entertainment value? [Jedd makes outrageous pronouncement. Then, close-up on Michelle’s lifted eyebrow. Jedd dances, trying to get a reaction. No reaction. Etc.] If anyone can line up a sponsor, let us know! By the way, we discovered days later that a somewhat related series was done on the Sundance Channel, called “Big Ideas for a Small Planet.” We recommend watching it on instant Netflix.

Other big ideas of ours include starting an inter-generational, intentional living community; a multi-functional coffeeshop/community/ministry center (like Q-Cafe in Seattle); a non-profit/co-op residence hall for low-income University students; an annual Serve Portland ministry conference (inspired by Hawaii’s H.I.M. conference); and many, many more. I have little doubt that one or more of these ideas will happen in one way or another at some point in our lives. “With our powers combined!” We know we are surrounded by amazing friends and family with all kinds of talents, skills, and experience that could come together in creative and synergistic ways.

I’m sure some of you have “big ideas,” too. We’d love to hear about them. Please share!