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2014: Year In Review Video

2014 was another eventful year, and we are so thankful for all the people and places we encountered! As usual, we’ve put together a short video of clips from our adventures. You’ll see footage from Peace Corps Jamaica, some road trips and National Parks, France and Switzerland, and more. We hope you enjoy!

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People, Pi, and Cake: A Year in Jamaica

Cake on Pi Day: “Happy 1st Year in JA”

Disclaimer: This post was meant to go live on 03/14 (pi day) but do to unforseen but predictable life here (meaning busyness and random power outages) we are posting this today.Like most things in life here, things happen, when they happen.

It’s Pi day: 3.14. For the most part, it was a pretty typical day: we woke up, worked out, had breakfast, and headed to our worksites. Today marked one year since we landed in Jamaica to start our 2 year (+3month) Peace Corps commitment – so as typical and ordinary, it is Continue reading “People, Pi, and Cake: A Year in Jamaica”