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My name is Joe, but you can call me Al: About Jamaican Names

I’ve always been fascinated by names. And names are a really fun part of Jamaican culture. Apart from given names, many people also have “yard names” (nick names) that friends and family have always called them (and that sometimes these become so common that no one knows their true first name anymore). Jamaicans also use identifiers or descriptors in the place of names when they’re calling out to people on the street, whether they know the person or not. Below you’ll find examples of the various types of names we’ve heard in Jamaica.

Given Names
Cheyenne, Timera, Annielle, Amoy, Sereina, Henry-nique, Dellesia/Delecia, Asheka, Toni-Ann, Keisha-Ann, Shelly-Ann, Shamara, Shanae, Tasha, Soini, Yolande, Tashina, Soini, Yolande Continue reading “My name is Joe, but you can call me Al: About Jamaican Names”