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Swearing In: A Recap

Here’s a news clip of our official Swearing In ceremony. (You’ll see Jedd shaking the Ambassador’s hand. Michelle was hidden but standing behind Jackie, in the blue dress, in the first first clip as it pans left.)

In the Newspaper
Article about our Swearing In in the Jamaica Observerwith quote by Michelle

Group 83 Swearing In with the U.S. Ambassador and Jamaican Governor General

In Our Own Words
Jedd was chosen by his fellow Youth volunteers to give their group’s speech at Swearing In. Here’s what he said:

I’m here today as a representative of the Youth as Promise/HIV-PEPFAR volunteers of Peace Corps Jamaica, group 83. This young, passionate, and wonderful group of fun individuals are committed to serving the youth and at risk populations of Jamaica. I am inspired by them and I will miss them all dearly as we go out all over the country.
I wanted to share with you all a letter that I wrote to the Country and people of Jamaica and though I am nervous… Daag a sweat, but long hair cover it.

Dear Jamaica,
It’s been almost ten weeks Continue reading “Swearing In: A Recap”