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Haiti – Here we go….


In less than 24 hrs. Michelle and I will be heading out to Haiti (Terre Blanche to be exact, east and close to the city of Gonaives, north of the capital or Port Au Prince) and the one question that seems to be on my mind is “why?”. With all the busyness that has been happening in our lives, I haven’t really had a chance to really reflect on why it is that we are going to Haiti, nor do I feel I have a good or true sense of what the answer is. All I know is that I have a strong feeling that being there, I will find my answer.

I have mixed emotions about the trip. I’m excited (never been traveling to such a destination before), i’m nervous (never traveled to such a place before), and even a bit anxious for fear of my own safety and security (as I know what I am about too experience is nothing I can even imagine). To be honest, i’ve never really thought of myself as one who could ever see themselves travel outside the country to serve or seek this type of life experience. I’ve always used the excuse that I wasn’t really interested, but in fact, I was just scared. I love to travel, discover, and meet knew people. I also love my own comfort and safety and I think a part of me knows that going to a country with so much need would rock my world, shake my foundations, and change my outlook on life. I won’t be able to ignore what I know exists. It’s like seeing people holding cardboard signs on the side of the road. I want to do something but don’t know what and instead of doing anything, I distract myself with something that I think is important and do nothing.  Maybe that’s “why” I am going to Haiti, to find a way to do something in this world for others and not worry about myself….


We travel from Portland to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Florida, and Florida to Haiti

Please keep the team and people of Terre Blanche (the area that we will be serving) in your thoughts and prayers.

Michelle and I will be updating this blog if we can, as well as my twitter account: jeddster

You can also track what our team is up at the Haiti Foundation of Hope’s news section found here. (The main page link can be found to the right)

To learn more about the Haiti Foundation of Hope and the amazing things they do, you can either read or watch their video

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