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Testing the Waters

Shops & Restaurants along the shore...

This past weekend Michelle and I started our first round of Homestay experiences in a quaint seaside community on the south side of the island, just a glimpse away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Kingston.

Homestay Home for the next couple of weeks.

Our host mom and her daughter have been awesome to hang out with and learn more about Jamaica from. Our host mom has been spoiling us with her amazing cooking (although spicy, still really good. She is trying not to make things too spicy), homemade juice (that is easily the best juice I have ever had), and teaching us bits and pieces of Patois, the local Jamaican language (there is a lot of laughter amongst us all during these language sessions).

Michelle, dutifully studying 🙂

Yesterday we had a chance to explore the local beach with a couple of volunteers. The water is beautiful and a different shade of blue than I’m used to. I loved all the different restaurants and shops lining the beach, the colorful outfits, and the loud, bumping music (from a huge speaker system that would put anything back in the states to shame). My favorite thing of the day probably came from the onshore fisherman market (at least that’s what I’m calling it) where boat after boat would come to shore and sell to the local restaurants (and anyone else there) their fresh catch (which we learned came mostly from diving). It was awesome to see the different varieties of reef fish, conch, and spiny lobsters (which I learned sold for only $300 /lb, Jamaican. About $3.50 USD!!!)

Well that’s it for now but we’ll hope to have more pics and more experiences to share soon.

Till Next Time, Bless Up YuhSelf -J

The fish "market"
Fresh Conch
Fresh Reef Fish: Snapper, Parrot Fish, etc...
Spiny Lobster - I'm determined to have one
Horse rides on the beach...

8 thoughts on “Testing the Waters”

  1. Wow! Your cultural experience is well underway–so quickly! We prayed for you guys at the Global Partners meeting tonight! I love you guys

  2. How far is a glimpse? is that about 1 kilometer west or is that 11 miles east in the other direction from Kingston. The horse is another option and might be faster than a donkey.

  3. jealous of all the fresh seafood! I’ll take that spiny lobster, extra spicy please 🙂 That water is turquoise!! beautiful…

  4. Hello Michelle and Jed,

    Great to see photos of you, and good to know you are enjoying the beginning of your service in Jamaica. Lots of students have come in recently to talk about the Peace Corps and other post grad service options, so I am steering some of them to your blog as well to get a taste of Peace Corps life.

    God bless you,
    Pat Ell

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