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Haiti Recap Video

Here’s a quick video montage I put together of our trip with Haiti Foundation of Hope in June 2009.  I wanted to show everyone a little piece of each aspect of the Foundation we saw without getting too in depth or lengthy.  It’s about 6 and a half minutes.  Jedd graciously obliged me by doing some narrating. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Haiti Recap Video”

  1. That was awesome, thanks for sharing!!! Jedd, great commentating. Michelle, great music selection, blending, and creating. 🙂 And it’s inspiring me to use that camera we brought… hmmm, I’d better get on that…

    Question: Did you use the iMovie program on your MAC?

    Love you guys!!!

  2. Hi Jedd and Michelle,
    We are both INSPIRED by this excellent video. Thanks for taking time to film and then produce it. We are going to let the prayer supporters know about this!
    We are delighted to both know you and have shared Haiti with you! Keep up the good work!
    Love You,
    Linda & Joe

  3. Thanks, Karen! Yes, I used iMovie on the Mac. It has a few little quirks in the final product I think because my laptop can only handle so much and a lot of the quality is lost when transferring to youtube. But otherwise, it’s super easy and works for what we want.

  4. This is wonderful… Very interesting…
    Thank you Jedd & Michelle… for sharing..

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