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Not a shameless plug


Well maybe…Justin

But seriously, a lot of you may or may not know Justin Klump. On Wednesday, July 8th at 7pm, Justin will be featured among rare animals like Asian elephants, pigmy warthogs, and the African rhino when he co-headlines a Zoo Tunes Concert at the Oregon Zoo. I’ve known Justin now for about 8 years, long enough to know that he shrieks at an incredible high pitch when he is scared (ask him about the winged bat incident), that he can play almost any Dave Matthew’s song (but won’t do it for a concert), that he is fiercely loyal to family and friends, that his jokes are terrible and yet fun to laugh at (him, not the jokes), and that people are drawn to him for who he is, not just because he’s a great songwriter. Of all the things I know about Justin, the most striking observation is his humility and commitment to be nothing but genuinely Justin Klump. He could have been another Jonas brother, or followed the path down formulaic music. Instead he intentionally chose to share his heart with others, stayed true to himself and not sell himself to the industry, and has found himself living his dream. Each of his songs tells a story, songs about hardships, hope, and love. The kind of real stuff that sometimes people forget about in the industry (sorry Britney Spears)

Wow, we were young once and I had spikey hair....
Wow, we were young once and I had spikey hair....

You see, when Justin get’s on that stage on Wednesday, the real story will be the one where a young man took a risk to pursue his passion, started off slow, battled against confusion and frustration, poured out his heart, shared his gifts, and in the end, singing and playing guitar on one of the biggest stages of his life to both humans and other animal species. I’m just saying that if you knew where this guy has been, know what he is about today, you would be excited for where he is going. Although he’s like a brother to me, I am also an inspired fan of Justin, for what he stands and plays for. So maybe this is just a shameless plug, but maybe this is way I can just say that I’m glad to know him and so freaking proud of him.


3 thoughts on “Not a shameless plug”

  1. so, aside from the shamelessness admitted to, I am curious about the winged bat story, but mostly because you included the word “winged.” are there some bats that don’t have wings? aren’t those called mice? Just curious.

    1. There are baseball bats (not winged) and bats that are animals (that have wings). When a winged bat first appeared during our meeting, Justin freaked out, I was kept cool. Then one of our friends who is a Dr. said that they were probably rabid and then I went nuts. So yeah, that’s the story… :). Hope this helps clarify between the different kind of bats. You would by the way..

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