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Intentionally, well thought-out cities….

So Michelle and I are up inVancouver BC Vancouver BC on a quick road trip (to escape the Portland heat if you can believe that) and we have loved the way the city has developed itself into a fun, artsy, and outgoing community. We started with bike riding around Stanley Park and marveled at all the people taking advantage of the multiple playing fields, beaches, rollerbladers, picnics, and the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, bridges, and Vancouver skyline. The park sits on a point and has miles of fun things to do and see (rose garden, horse carriage rides, playgrounds, outdoor pools, and hidden ponds).

We then went to Granville Island, a re-developed area of Vancouver that is like Pike’s Market, but better (sorry Seattle). The public market has amazing food vendors and merchants (cheese, produce, chocolates, seafood, fresh pasta). Also on the island are cool shops and boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, a special kid’s section of shops, playgrounds, and a wrap around walkway. Again, we were fascinated by all the people there, the beautiful surroundings and the well designed walkways used by the residents of the area.

Finally, we stopped by “Night Market” in Richmond (an area close to Vancouver). This was an amazing event with hundred of merchants selling artistic and random goods, a main stage for performers, and tons of food vendors with lots of interesting food. Richmond is very culturally diverse and so the things you see and experience at Night Market will be fun and memorable. We knew we were in another country, but for a moment, it was hard to remember which country we were in. We were also shocked that it starts around 8pm and ends at 3am!!!! If you visit Vancouver between June and August, you have to visit this event. Granville-Island-Map.mediumthumbWe really love cities like this, cities that feel as if a lot of planning was involved to make it fun and sustainable. It got us thinking, a lot of you have traveled around, what other cities are awesome that you think are planned out really well for residents and visitors and provide a unique experience that truly reflects the cultural identity of the city? Please give us a few suggestions of places we should go on our next trip. Thanks everyone!

4 thoughts on “Intentionally, well thought-out cities….”

  1. San Fran and Chicago. We used public transportation to get everywhere (the Bart in San Fran even gets you to the airport in Oakland without batting an eye; and the water taxis in Chicago are the way to go), mostly we just walked, and the cities are sectioned off with fun focuses (foci?) like theatre, the Pier, museums, shopping, eating, etc. I highly recommend long weekends in both. And stay downtown. Strange things happen at late hours in downtowns; always entertaining. I have more specific recommendations if you take this response seriously. 🙂

    1. All great recommendations! I traveled on the BART when I was little and we are definitely thinking about visiting Chicago. I would love to hear more recommendations that you have as I do take you very seriously :). More specifically, would love to hear your thoughts about Europe and other international travel adventures you have had….

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