I wasn’t able to blog by Friday this week because we’ve been traveling “out of range.”  I have been riding in cars quite a bit, though each time has been in a shared vehicle, so I haven’t been cheating!  Last weekend, Jedd and I traveled with our housemates to Vancouver, BC by car.  We thought about taking Amtrak, but paying for four train tickets would cost a lot more than the gas to carpool.  I also had to pick up a student from the airport who was returning from our East Africa Immersion pilot trip, however, I used a vehicle from the Moreau Center for Service and Leadership at U.P. (which is kinda like Zipcar for University volunteers).  Finally, I also got to take a long weekend to travel with my husband to Crater Lake and camp at Black Canyon.  Other than that, I’ve been enjoying walking and biking to work during the week!  As long as the weather holds up, I think I’ll be fine.