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Lost, Glee, and P90X: a life update



So I’m on the road for work and Michelle has reminded me that it’s been awhile since i’ve last posted. Since i’ve already caught up with all the LOST episodes in the last two months,  can’t watch GLEE anymore because it reminds me too much of my high school experience (see the video post that Nick posted on my FB profile), and I’m gearing up for my P90X challenge (which means i’m enjoying being lazy this week), I’ve decided to use the TV episode theme to catch you up on what has been going on with us.

It’s been a crazy last couple of months in the Chang household. Let’s recap this last season (pun intended) shall we?:

Episode 1 – Co-Housing with the Kerr’s and the Le’s:   As Michelle and I transitioned from on-campus living to “what the heck should we do, real world living” we were fortunate to be taken in by amazing friends and we found how amazing living with others truly is.* Fore shadow alert

Episode 2 – Jedd gets two new jobs?: After leaving employment at a small private university in Portland, I was fortunate to be taken under the wing by branding manager guru Andy ofRelevant Studios and was able to do some creative marketing. I loved it, but sadly needed to find something full time and was blessed to be hired at a large public university in Portland. Needless to say, work has been great  (both the people I work with and what I do) but my only complaint is still the 8-5pm schedule. I have a new goal in life to find away that everyone can be on flexible work schedules….

Episode 3 – To buy or not to buy a house:  To learn more about this episode, check Michelle’s post here. Long story short, no house, better understanding of who we are and what we want.

Episode 4 – Where do we live now and in the future: So two big things here that are very different and very relevant (no pun intended this time). Channeling my wife’s direct and concise communication style, we have decided to look into possibilities of serving and living abroad (out of country) for awhile(meaning at least a couple of months, preferably, a couple of years). This has affected the second thing, looking for a flexible housing situation. We have moved back to the Kerr’s (I told you from the co-housing fore shadow) but are still looking for a future home. More importantly, we are focused (at least trying) and being intentional about looking at future possibilities (if you know of any, please let us know). If you could please keep this in your thoughts and prayers we would greatly appreciate it.

Episode 5 – The holiday challenge: About three years ago, I made a deal/bet to do push-ups and sit-ups everyday with my friend Cory for the month (which was dumb because he thrives on disciplined challenges, while I, have no discipline). He won in convincing fashion. Needless to say, Michelle has slowly taught me to believe that I can be more disciplined, so….I’m doing a 90 day, P90X challenge. I’ll give you more details in the next couple of days. I will need your support….

Future Episodes: Who knows….I recently told people that life seems to change so fast year to year. Than I’ve realized life changes fast month to month. Now it just seems daily that big things, life is constantly changing. Keep tuned in for more updates!

2 thoughts on “Lost, Glee, and P90X: a life update”

  1. Oh Jedd! I miss you brother!
    And I miss that damn sit-up/push-up challenge. My lazy butt has barely even worked out since then…and that was THREE YEARS AGO.
    Also, 3 years? Really? We’re old. 😦 And I think it was technically FOUR years now. Oh mercy.

  2. HAHAHAHA.. the challenge.
    1) buying a house is emotional and rediculous these days.. we put an offer on a house in Vancouver yesterday.. who knows. We move to the area Nov 14/15 still lacking employment
    2) you are going to be sore.. Marc tried for a couple weeks.. 🙂
    3) we are kinda old
    4) I am impressed by what you have taught Michelle about buying things.

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