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The Challenge (P90X)

lightbulb idea For many of you who know me, you know that I am an idea guy. While some of my ideas are pretty creative (at least I think they are) and some might be considered good or even great, I do have a pretty good streak of idiotic or crazy ideas. This “Challenge” is probably one of them.

What is the “Challenge”?: Starting Monday, November 9th 2009 to Monday, February 7th, 2010 I will be doing the lean version of the P90X workout plan. Essentially, everyday, I am committing to workout for about an hour a day. Many of you might be thinking, “Meh, what’s so hard about that?” For you, maybe not so hard, for me, definitely a challenge:

1. Time: Many people don’t work out, simply because of time…an hour a day (at least) is a pretty big commitment. With commuting each morning, work, and then weekends usually busy, just finding some down time is a struggle already. Finding the time to work out, to add another hour of committed time is going to be difficult. Right now, it’s looking like early morning workouts or right after dinner….

2. Motivation: I wish I could just say that I would like to be healthy. Sadly, that’s not good enough motivation for me. It should be. It isn’t. For this challenge, Michelle and I have put into place personal incentive to motivate me. Of course, proving to myself that this is something I can accomplish is huge (remember, I couldn’t even do my pushups and situps challenge everyday for a month). Finally, the health and looks benefit is icing on the cake (I’m hoping after this I’ll feel and look better) :).

3. Finally, the “Challenge” is a test of discipline, which most of you know is something that I lack. As an idea person, when one idea fails, you just think of something else to replace it. I never really thought that I had a problem, but after meeting, falling in love, and marrying an amazing woman who thrives on discipline, it dawned on me (another idea/thought) that maybe there was a lot to life that I was missing out on simply because I never followed through, I didn’t take the right approach, or simply, I just gave up. As a team we were able to finish two half-marathons in the last two years, feats that I never thought, ever, that I could accomplish or do (in the years prior, the longest run I did was a mile and a half in high school).

So, I could really use your support during these next couple of months. Hold me accountable, ask me how I am doing. I promise you, we will post results. Heck, if you have P90x and want to do the program with me, here is what the first three weeks look like:

Monday: Core

Tuesday: Cardio

Wednesday: Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper

Thursday: Yoga X

Friday: Legs and Back, Ab Ripper

Saturday: Kenpo

Sunday: Stretch

For those of you who don’t have it, you can search for it on You Tube, get a copy, or even just commit to working out each day for 90 days. Either way, the “Challenge” (really not as dramatic as I am making it) has begun….

5 thoughts on “The Challenge (P90X)”

  1. Good luck Jedd! I recently started running again and I tottally understand the time issue.

    I hear P 90 kicks butt. I am not that hardcore as you are, but I will be doing my little cardio workouts as bst I can.

  2. You go brother… I tried P90X last year and lasted about 3weeks then hit a bump then went for another 2 1/2 weeks and stopped. You are right, this is a commitment, but I have a few friends that have done it and they look great. “Do your best and forget the rest!”

  3. good luck! ive been stepping it up a notch this year to lifting weights and running…big change for me too and wih work im in the same boat of early morning or after dinner. im doing it, and i know you can too!

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