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P90X Results and Reflection

90 days.

Lots of pushups. Lots of trying to do pull-ups. Lots of Ab Ripper X (the Ab routine of the program).

5am early morning work outs. 10pm, last minute, have-to-do-this-before-I-go-to-bed work outs. Working out during the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas break- that was dumb).

Working out with Michelle (thank you for your support and encouragement). Working out alone with only Tony Horton (P90X creator and host) to comfort me. Working out around my work schedule.

Learning to not give up. Learning that I can be disciplined if I want to. Learning you cannot lose love handles or your belly if you keep eating unhealthy and drinking beer. Learning to love Yoga.


As you might recall, I started this challenge 90 days ago (if you don’t remember you can refer to it here). But let me give you my two cents about the program because I know many of you want to know if it works. To be frank, it does work. In fact, it works well. But there’s a catch (there always is with these infomercial type of things): this will only work well if you commit and actually do the program. Was I perfect and did I do every exercise all the way through? No. In the beginning I didn’t finish through the programs (it was tough). Was it easy to give an hour of my life a day? This sucked. Did I change the my diet? Only in the last month. But if you do decide to do this program, if you commit and really try, you will see results.

You remember that age-old adage about “eat right and exercise”?  Well, it makes sense. Not to knock P90X, because it really is a well thought-out and designed program, but if you were to exercise for an hour or more a day and eat healthy, you would see results no matter what. P90X takes things to the next level, gives you that structure and instruction that you need to see results. I feel stronger, more flexible, and feel more fit than I have in a long time (thanks Tony).

All in all, it does feel great to know that I was able to do this. I’ve decided to keep working out on my own and not necessarily every day. I really appreciate all the emails, phone calls, facebook messages, and asking me in person about how I was doing as it really encouraged me throughout the 90 days. If you have questions about this program please don’t hesitate to contact me and I would be more than happy to help you if you are thinking about doing something like this. I definitely learned a lot and would do things a little different if I did it again.

Enough of my rambling thoughts though. Here are the results (note we took pics on the first day and the 90th day):

9 thoughts on “P90X Results and Reflection”

  1. Proud of you Bro! I know how hard this life style change is. I’ve tried it unsuccessfully 3 times.
    Your results are great. Hope you can stay on track with your health goals. Keep kicking donkey!

    ps. You try INSANITY yet? (another Beach Body program.)

  2. Nice work!! Very impressed by your dedication to the program. I’ve been on the “dog owner” exercise plan for the past year. It consists of walking, hiking, and/or running with at least one dog, sometimes two every day 🙂 I highly recommend it…if you and Michelle are considering a furry addition to your family that is!

  3. WAHOO!! I’ve heard of so many people starting this program…and you’re the only one I know who finished it…successfully! way to go Jedd 🙂

  4. wow jedd, im super impressed. you look great! and i definitely agree with what you said about working out and eating right, and not ness relying on a program designed by a professional. we hold our our bodies and minds, and have control over what we do and eat. since this summer ive taken up weights, ballet, aerobics classes and tennis in addition to my running and i see the difference too, even though ive barely altered my diet or drinking habits. toast to working hard and living healthy. toast with..water i guess. haha! your story is inspiring 😀

  5. Congratulations on your success. You look fantastic. Your post was so true. That is the best thing about these workouts, real people doing them and getting real results. You should consider becoming a Beachbody coach. Let me know if you have any questions. Again, congratulations on all your hard work!!!

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