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Advent Conspiracy

We posted about this last year but think it’s worth repeating. Advent Conspiracy is a “movement” we really appreciate. It’s about bringing the true meaning back to Christmas. Spending less time and money on shopping and material things and more time on relational gifts, making gifts, spending time with each other, and using our money in more meaningful ways- the video says it best.

There is no right way to do it- everyone can find their own way they may be inspired to do Christmas a little differently. We like the challenge to not just perpetuate the status quo, shop-a-holic, stressful holiday and to try some new, more intentional practices. If you’re in the market for a gift that will make a difference but don’t have the time (or skill) to make something yourself, here’s a suggestion that comes in any price range: the Haiti Foundation of Hope Gift Catalog. This is the organization we traveled with last summer (see our trip video here) where you can trust that your gift will make an important and much needed impact. Here’s to a more meaningful holiday season!

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