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Simply Intentional – 2010 year in review

2010. Wow. Is it really New Year’s Eve and are we ready for 2011? It has been quite a turbulent, roller coaster ride of a year, and I have a hunch, 2011 will be even more crazy fun and challenging (at least for us – more on this later). Looking back through our blog posts for 2010, a lot has happened in our lives and in our world. Here are the top ten things that people looked at on our blog in chronological order:

January: Hope for Haiti – Thoughts and reflections about the unfathomable and horrific earthquake that took place in Haiti.  Even though it has been a year we shouldn’t forget those that are still suffering today and the help that Haiti will need for the years to come to rebuild. (Check-out a question I posted to Eugene Cho on his blog about Haiti and God and the discussion that occurred from people after). Remember, if you would like to continue to help Haiti, here are some organizations that you can contact.

February: For some reason in February we decided to do some work on our marriage and our personal health. A lot of you read about our:

  • P90X challenge – 90 days straight of the lean routine (cardio, yoga, lifting wieghts, etc…). I think I’ll do the classic routine this spring.
  • Preventative Medicine: Marital Counseling – We went back to see our pre-marital counselor to do some follow-up work for our marriage.
  • In Defense of Food – Michelle’s thoughts on Michael Pollan’s book about our nutritional health. We have not yet completed a month of a whole foods/vegan diet. We will soon though (more to come in the future)!

March: For What It’s Worth…My Two Cents About Health Care – I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

May – August: The Wonderful World of Student Leadership and Nicaragua Trip Recap Video – Michelle reflected on the past year working with students and then talked about her trip to Nicaragua that she took with students in May. By August she was able to finish her video about the experience.

July: The Namesake – after seeing the movie, I felt more appreciative for my name.

October: Return to Sanity, Ask Good Questions – By now I was utterly sick and disgusted with politics, especially with political extremists. I really wanted to go to John Stewart’s rally.

November: Alaska: Into the Wild…Chang Style – Michelle joined me on a work related trip to Alaska and we got a small slice of its wild and majestic beauty.

So what’s next for us in 2011? Here’s a glimpse of some words that may be associated to future blog posts:

Job transition. Epic road trip. National Parks. Peace Corps. Food Challenge. P90x. Africa. Half-Marathon. Moving. Viral Video. Jumping Jedd (we will explain this another time). Lost in Translation. ESL.

Life is crazy, wonderful, beautiful, and sacred. May we all continue to be intentional with our lives. May we continue to enjoy life with others. May we find the courage and passion to serve others so that they may enjoy life also.

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