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Border Plunge

Some of you may recall that I (Michelle) was able to travel with twenty students for almost three weeks last May through a Nicaragua Immersion as part of my job at U.P.’s Moreau Center for Service & Leadership. This year, I’m excited to be able to travel with another twenty students on a Spring Break service-learning trip called the Border Plunge. The long and short of it is a one week trip to Nogales, Arizona with BorderLinks where we will examine immigration issues from all sides of the spectrum. We’ll meet with lawyers, law enforcement, migrant workers, Border Patrol, non-profits… you name it… to really understand the complexities at work with immigration in our country. In preparation for the trip, the students have met almost weekly since November, planned and participated in numerous fundraisers, and have already started engaging in the subject through media and discussion. Here are a few resources we’ve watched that I found really interesting:

Minuteman Frank George, whose goal is to stop illegal immigration into the United States, goes to live with a family of illegal Mexican immigrants in a tiny apartment in the heart of Los Angeles.


What Would You Do? stages racial profiling in an Arizona fast food restaurant. Hidden cameras reveal customers’ reactions.

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