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Bucket List: From Now Until “Take Off”

First, I want to share another blog post by Portland author, Donald Miller, that goes really well with our “simply intentional” theme: Facing Your Fears.  And the video that goes along with it:

Next, the To List. One of the former superstar students I worked with at U.P. recently posted “25 things to do before twenty-five” as a sort of bucket list on her super creative blog, Purplest Pecalin. Both reading this and having lots of time to think during our month-long road trip, I was inspired to make a To Do list of my own- except it would be things I want to do in this particular chapter of life (our “limbo” until we find out what’s coming next).

1. Learn some Japanese – My goal is to memorize and be able to read japanese characters and to learn some beginning language.

2. Read the Old Testament – I’ve been reading a little bit each night for the last month or so, and there is some crazy stuff that went down back then. I want to try and make more sense out of some of the stories and laws by doing a little background research. So far, I’m looking at this site: Torah Class.

3. Try out some “homesteading” practices. I want to learn how to make my own yogurt, berry jam, and perfect some bread recipes. So far I’ve made some tasty bagels and basic yogurt.

4. Self-educate and practice advocacy. I want to take some extra time to educate myself and then hand-write letters to congress about issues I care about like international trade, policies affecting Haiti, etc. So far, I’ve come across cool sites like: Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, Other Worlds Are Possible, and I’m currently reading When Helping Hurts.

If you have any suggestions to help me attain some of these goals this summer, please share!

1 thought on “Bucket List: From Now Until “Take Off””

  1. Ahh! Michelle! I’m so glad my little list inspired you! I feel so special being mentioned in your post. Your list has inspired me. I am already working on my 30 Before 30 List. 🙂 I really like your number 4 so I may add something similar to my list and make it 26 Before 25.

    I checked out the Other Worlds Are Possible website and bookmarked it. I also added When Helping hurts to my To-Read List on goodreads.com. You should join that site if it interests you (& add me!). It’s pretty neat cause you can keep track of books you’ve read, want to read and write/read reviews, especially your friends lists and reviews.

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