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What Exactly Do You Do? – Intro

So as most of you know, Michelle and I are in a holding pattern.  Our Epic Road Trip was epic, but now we wait for a new placement from Peace Corps (which can take a couple of months) and the earliest we could potentially leave the country and serve would be January of next year.

*Side Note* Thanks again to everyone who has helped us find house-sitting opportunities (our calendar is getting pretty full but if you think we could still be of some help, please feel free to contact us).

With housing squared away, the next question everyone seems to be asking us recently has been about employment.  Michelle has been doing a lot of our personal management, looking for volunteer opportunities, and helping out with house projects for places that we house-sit (You can also see her personal list of things she’s working on here). As for me, I have mentioned before that I am working for a company called Relevant Studios but haven’t really explained anything about my job or the company I work for.

I’ve never really had to explain what I did for work or who I worked for as most people had heard about Admission Counseling and about Colleges and Universities.  Most people who know me know that I am not a visual artist. I can’t really make art which explains why most people I know chuckle or seem surprised when I tell them that I work for a Design/Brand Management studio. And of course there is the question of, what is a Design/Brand Management Studio?

There is no simple answer.

I did feel though that it is important for me to explain what I do and what our studio does because it fits well with being “Simply Intentional” (what Michelle and I are all about). More importantly though, this information can be very valuable to you regarding the work you do or on a personal level. There are a lot of businesses and organizations (and dare I say individuals, myself included) who need better brand management. I say better because in a way, we are all brand managers whether we know it or not (more to come on this).  I’m hoping that you’ll have an “aha” realization like I did when I learned about this industry and see how you can apply this information for your own work or lives.

There’s basically 3 things I’ll talk about:
1.  Intentional Communication
2. Brand Management
3. Relevant Studios – Who We Are & What We Do

Stay tuned, more to come in the next coming days…

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