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Crossing the waters

We arrived in Atlanta safe and sound on Monday night. We met the first of our fellow Peace Corps trainees at the airport and caught a ride to the hotel together. There were a group of other trainees hanging out in the lobby and at breakfast Tuesday morning, so little by little we met our new “government issued friends” (as they say). No one seems to have slept very well here, and both Jedd and I are battling a minor cold. But despite that, we are really excited to finally be in the midst of what we’ve been waiting for all this time, and everyone we’ve met has been awesome! Staging, a very basic orientation and paperwork session, took place today for about 6 hours, and we were both pretty impressed by how well the information was delivered and everything was coordinated.

The following is a quick video we threw together of our last few days for a glimpse at our lives before arriving in Jamaica: packing, farewell parties, travel, and our first Peace Corps activity. Enjoy!

And (mostly for our parents) here are two links to articles/blogs where we were recently featured for joining Peace Corps:
Peace Corps Day… in the Gonzaga Bulletin
New Volunteer Profile on the West Coast Peace Corps Recruitment Office blog

2 thoughts on “Crossing the waters”

  1. We are sooo excited for you guys! “Big Up Yuself” as they say in Jamaica. Watching your video took us back exactly 3 years ago when we too were packing up and heading to the I-land. Enjoy your first jerk chicken, and tell us whether you prefer Juici Patty or Tastee Patty. Please say hi to the PC-J staff for us. Walk good!

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